Head Lice Treatment

Head lice have been pervasive for hundreds of years. They are present in our communities most of the time and can affect us all. Lice are not a result of dubious personal hygiene so, regular shampooing, bathing or swimming won't prevent or get rid of them.

What are the effects of head lice?

Children who have head lice may feel embarrassed and ashamed at school. The parasitic insects can cause intense itching due to the saliva-producing toxin that lice inject into the scalp when they feed.

Sometimes, small red sores can appear on the scalp due to the bites or as a result of continued scratching. The discomfort and constant itchy feeling can disrupt sleep.

How are head lice passed on?

Although lice can't jump or fly, they can be passed on by direct person-to-person contact. Children are an ideal conduit through play, sporting activities, selfies and the classroom.

Indirect contact through the sharing of personal items such as combs or hats is possible, although less likely, as lice die if they are away from the scalp for longer than 24 hours – as they can't feed. Lice and eggs can be hard to see, as they are often mistaken for dandruff or styling product residue.

Natural head lice treatments

Head lice have become immune to many of the-chemically derived treatments available today.

KIT&COCO has developed a range of head lice treatment products that are specially formulated to remove lice and nits (eggs) - not chemical-based and manufactured entirely from plant based ingredients. Our researchers have found it's unnecessary to use chemicals to get rid of lice and eggs and we've worked hard to produce a solution that contains only the highest-quality ingredients on the market. KIT & COCO products eliminate head lice in an effective and gentle way.

Complete treatment for lice and eggs

KIT&COCO’s Head Lice and Eggs Complete Treatment Kit comprises of four perfectly-dosed treatment shampoos, a gentle comb, applicator brush and shower cap to free you from lice and eggs - simple to use and quick to act!

One dose is enough for short hair, while two to three doses might be required to cover the whole head for mid-length to long hair. From the roots to the tips, simply apply the shampoo to damp hair and massage into the scalp.

Make sure you cover all of the hair using the applicator brush, focusing on the neck area and behind your ears, as these areas are preferred by the lice. Then, place a shower cap over the treated head and sit back while our gentle formula does all the hard work.

Ideal for children

This simple treatment is ideal for kids, as they can go off and play while KIT&COCO works its magic under the shower cap. Once complete, rinse your hair thoroughly and comb it through - there's no need shampoo hair afterwards.

When the hair is wet, slide the lice comb through from root to tip, cleaning the comb with a dry cloth as you go along to prevent the risk of re-infestation.

Our head lice treatment shampoos come complete with fun and handy accessories to protect the whole family, at home and at school.