Head Lice Prevention

They might be the tiniest insects but head lice can wreak absolute havoc, especially in children aged 4 to 11 years old. They can live in anyone’s hair, no matter what their personal hygiene habits. Active head lice prevention is a good idea, especially for children who are more prone to an infestation.

Why is it important to prevent head lice?

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Head lice can live in the hair for a long time if not treated. They can cause irritation, create a stigma among peers which can further result in the loss of self-esteem.

The constant itching can be the cause of great discomfort - sometimes the scalp can become inflamed, either due to the lice biting or because of the continued scratching.

Where are children most likely to catch head lice?

Young children are most susceptible to head lice. Kids tend to socialise more; whether it's in the classroom, the playground or at a sleep-over with friends. There are many opportunities every day for head-to-head contact, when head lice can transfer from one child's scalp to another. If a child has head lice, their parents and grandparents can also become infected during any close contact activities.


Detection combing on a regular basis can be a way of making sure a child hasn't caught lice. Drawing a fine-toothed plastic comb (0.2mm-0.3mm) through the hair from the roots to the tips will help to suppress lice.

KIT&COCO specialises in head lice prevention products made with all-natural ingredients. Our solutions use the best natural ingredients to create a range of effective formulae – kind to the hair and scalp, these encompass the natural qualities of plant-based products and coconut oil.

KIT&COCO products

Our head lice spray and headband assures around the clock protection. Concentrating on the neck area and behind the ears, spray the product on the headband and the hair – after a minute or so, simply pop the headband on for protection. The spray can be used on any fabric.

With great hydrating benefits, our head lice protective and hydrating mousse is not only stylish, it can also protect children for up to 24 hours!